NDIS Innovative Community Participation

We provide you with credible, excellent and timely opportunity to build your skills as you participant in your immediate community. This will help you in maintaining a healthy wellbeing, improve self-awareness and self-care. Supporting you in emotional and self awareness in your community. We strive to support you in achieving self independence as you build confidence in accessing and navigating systems and programs in the community. To find out more about how we can assist with our innovative community participation services in Rockhampton, Bundaberg, the Fraser Coast, Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville and Mackay, contact us today on 1800 288 622.
People With Disability Attending a Meeting to Receive Counselling — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD
A Child Boy and Autism Kid Learning Drawing in Classroom — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD

Available Daily Task & Shared Living Services

We offer a wide range of services designed to help NDIS participants living independently or in shared accommodation:

  • Communal living: Teaching how to live with others and ensuring household responsibilities are understood.
  • Household activities: Helping with completing household tasks, such as preparing meals, cleaning and gardening.
  • Managing finances: Assisting with budgeting and paying bills on time.
  • Social skills: Developing social skills to create and maintain positive relationships.
  • Moving out: Helping to move out if it’s your first time living away from your family.
  • Written communication: Assisting with understanding and completing forms.

Innovative Community Participation Services include the following:

  • Gaining awareness of the benefits that community participation can bring
  • Enhancing self-awareness
  • Improving self-care
  • Coaching to improve emotional regulation, confidence, self-esteem and social skills
  • Gaining improved awareness of social norms and socially acceptable behaviour in a range of environments
  • Learning how to access help in the community when specialist assistance isn’t available
  • Coping with disability within a community context, including raising awareness of the services and adjustments available for people with disabilities
  • Accessing the provision of community-based social opportunities
  • Identifying hobbies and interests that might be pursued in a community setting and facilitating participation
A Disabled Man in Wheelchair Throwing the Ball to Basket — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD
Group of People Holding Hand Together in the Park — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD

How can I access this type of support?

NDIS clients need to have ‘Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation’ identified in their NDIS plan as an outcome. The funding that’s attached to achieving this outcome can be used for several different purposes, including Innovative Community Participation programs.

Innovative Community Participation Services may be delivered in a group setting, individually or through a range of other mechanisms. Clients that have the appropriate goal identified in their NDIS plan can access this service from any recognised NDIS provider.

Benefits of our innovative community participation programs

Point Care is an experienced provider of a wide selection of NDIS services, including well-structured, inclusive Innovative Community Participation Programmes. Our goal is to assist clients away from specialist social and employment opportunities (should they wish), towards the wider opportunities available in the community. The programmes are delivered in a community setting, using a tailored approach that ensures the needs of each client are met.

Some of the advantages of using our Innovative Community Participation Program include:

  • Better employment prospects
  • Improved social interaction
  • Fresh opportunities to learn new skills
  • The acquisition of transferrable skills that are of benefit in a range of environments
  • Improved mental health
    A better quality of life
  • The chance to form fresh, positive relationships with others in the community
  • An opportunity to express individual preferences and pursue individual interests in a community context
  • A program that strives towards inclusivity and equality of opportunity

Clients can choose to access whatever community activities they would like to do; our job is to equip them with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in the community.

Little Girl Standing on Lap of Her Father in Wheelchair — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD
Smiling Disabled Elderly Woman Sitting in Wheelchair — Disability Services & Support in Rockhampton, QLD

Contact us today to learn more about NDIS Innovative Community Participation

Point Care provides NDIS services throughout Queensland including Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville, Cairns City, Mackay, Bundaberg Central and Fraser Coast. We welcome all NDIS clients and will always do our utmost to ensure they receive the high-grade, dependable services they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our NDIS Innovative Community Participation program other services on 1800 288 622 today.